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Domain Registration

What is domain?

Domain – is the address, consisting of symbols, on which will be available your website in Internet.
The domain registration period – 1 year, after that it is necessary to prolong it. We register domain names for client name.

Price on register/prolongation:

Доменная зонаСтоимость в год (без заказа наших услуг)Стоимость при заказе наших услугТип домена
.lt10 €0 €Lithuania
.eu10 €0 €European Union
.com14 €0 €Universal
.net14 €0 €Universal
.org14 €0 €Universal
.info15 €0 €Universal
.biz15 €0 €Universal
.name13 €0 €Universal
.ru10 €0 €Russia
.co.uk12 €0 €the UK
.us12 €0 €the USA
.de12 €0 €Germany
.es13 €0 €Spain
.in14 €0 €India

If you need register domain name, please, fill this form.